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"Bugs that eat oil"

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High-Quality Products for a Clean Environment

At Tiger Enterprises, we make use of products that are tested and proven to be potent in achieving magnificent results. All our products are tested before they are used in our own lab. Moreover, we don't use any chemicals.

Enzy-Kleen: Eliminates odors, powerful, completely safe, degreaser, great for sewers, safe for Rvs, liquifies organic wastes.


Oil Sponge UC Plus: Eats the oil and grease off anything. You can use it anywhere!


Oil Sponge AB Plus: Powdered form - used for cleaning oil spills, sweep up, and throw in trash. This is not hazardous. It can be used on contaminated soil or floor!


Oil Sponge HD: All-purpose cleaner; environmentally safe; approved by the EPA and Food and drug administration.

More about our products

All products that we use for grass planting, detailing, mold removal and environmental cleanup are tested and approved by the EPA and FDA.


Contact us at 717-786-5441 to get more information on the products we use for various purposes. Our team will answer any question you might have.

All our products are completely safe

Our products can save you money and time!


All our work is guaranteed. For any questions, call:


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