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Tiger Enterprise | Environmental Cleanup | Strasburg PA

"Bugs that eat oil"

Grass Car detailing

A Licensed and Insured Company

Tiger Enterprises is an independent contractor bearing license #PA063947. We are a fully insured company. We stand by the fact that our products can prevent the EPA from fining you, thereby saving your valuable time and money.

  • Mold removal

  • Removal of stains caused by oils, hydrocarbons, and fats

  • Environmental cleanup

  • Mildew removal

  • Vehicle detailing

  • Grass planting

A full range of cleanup services

Tiger Enterprise in Strasburg, PA is a family-owned business that has been operating for 13 years.


Our services cover both residential and commercial areas. All our work is guaranteed, and we endeavor to achieve complete customer satisfaction in whatever we do.

Experience that speaks for itself

Before the EPA fine you, contact us to help you avoid unnecessary trouble.


All our products are approved by FDA and EPA.


oil before oil after floor before floor after IMG_20150930_0014